Top 50 in China! Hefei made "special forces" very powerful


Recently, the national top 50 list of "Maker China" small and medium-sized enterprise innovation and entrepreneurship competition was released, and Hefei Huisheng Pump Valve Co., LTD. 's "petrochemical joint safety intelligent inspection robot and its supporting solutions" was selected, becoming the only shortlisted project in Anhui Province.


Today, intelligent robots have been widely used in all walks of life, this "petrochemical joint safety intelligent inspection robot" what is outstanding? With curiosity, recently, the reporter came to the Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone in Changfeng County, Huasheng
valve R & D workshop for a visit.


Special forces in inspection robots


In the R&D workshop of Huasheng pump Valve, a display screen displays the working status of the inspection robot and various data collected in real time. Not far away, a robot with "big eyes" and "body shape" is "inspecting" around. When the reporter came forward to check, he accidentally blocked the robot's way, and the robot turned around from the side to continue its established inspection route.

The petrochemical industry has high requirements for safety production. It is very important to grasp the gas and temperature information of the workshop in real time and accurately to avoid production accidents.


Hu Hanlin, project leader of Huasheng pump valve intelligent inspection robot, said that this inspection robot is the first professional robot applied in the field of petrochemical inspection, which can quickly detect the content of oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon monoxide, gas and other gases in the air, and quickly warn the dangerous situation such as abnormal vibration, abnormal temperature, gas leakage, and instrument alarm.


In addition to information collection and diagnosis and early warning, this inspection robot also has a strong explosion-proof performance.


"For a petrochemical plant, any spark is a source of danger." Hu Hanlin introduced that for the special needs of the industry, researchers have designed a special "armor" for this robot, so that even if the robot "in the body" due to battery and other failures, it will not produce any electrical sparks in the "in vitro", which is called the "special forces" in the robot.


Adhere to innovation to make vitality "pump"


The Huasheng pump valve, which developed this "special forces" robot, is a national high-tech enterprise in the field of industrial pumps and a national specialized special new "little giant" enterprise.


Industrial pumps are known as the heart of the process industry and belong to the high-end equipment manufacturing industry. In this field, many key equipment has been monopolized by foreign manufacturers for a long time, and the price is subject to others.

Since its inception, Huasheng Pump Valve has always adhered to innovation and leadership, focused on subdivision, and worked intensively. In particular, the company has achieved the first boiling pump products in China and the second in the world.


According to reports, the boiling bed process is the most advanced refining technology in the world, but the medium transported by the matching boiling pump is flammable and explosive at high temperature and high pressure, and contains solid particles, which was previously only a United States can do, and the unit price is very high, reaching 120 million yuan.


The high temperature residual oil hydroboiling pump independently developed by Huashen Pump Valve has many advantages, such as energy saving, high reliability, stable operation, high degree of automation, convenient detection and maintenance, and the main technical
indicators are at the international advanced level. The product also won the title of National Individual champion product in 2022.


The successful application of domestic boiling pump has broken the situation that the equipment has been monopolized by foreign countries for a long time.


"The innovation of enterprises cannot be separated from their own efforts and accumulation, nor can they be separated from the innovation soil on which enterprises rely." Hu Hanlin said that in the process of enterprise research and development promotion, the relevant departments actively help enterprises to carry out industry-university-research cooperation, improve the research and development system and scientific research process, and support the promotion and application of innovative products, which have made the innovation ability of enterprises continue to improve.

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