The provincial and municipal foreign Affairs Office held a symposium on "Excellent Service for enterprises"


On the afternoon of September 1, 2023, a group of 12 people from the Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui People's Foreign Affairs Office, Hefei Foreign Affairs Office and Changfeng County Foreign Affairs Office drove to Hefei Huasheng Pump Valve Co., LTD., and held a symposium on "Excellent Service for enterprises" in the large conference room on the third floor. The conference aims to examine "going global" companies, listen to their problems and needs, and provide better support and guidance. In addition, four enterprises in Shuangfeng Development Zone were invited to make a statement.


At the opening of the meeting, Chairman Chai Liping delivered a welcome speech. First of all, he extended a warm welcome to all the guests attending the meeting and thanked the Foreign Affairs Administration Office of Anhui Province, Hefei Foreign Affairs Office and Changfeng County Foreign Affairs Office for their support. He pointed out that the symposium provides a good communication platform for enterprises to communicate directly with government departments and jointly discuss problems and solutions in development.


Then the chairman gave a brief introduction to the company's business and development. He emphasized the company's efforts in technological innovation, product quality and overseas market expansion to solve the "jam neck" problem in the field of petrochemical industry, set up overseas branches, vigorously promote overseas markets, and establish two offshore development bases centered on "Moscow" in Russia and "Riyadh" in Saudi Arabia. It aims to solve the needs of the CIS countries and the Middle East countries in the petrochemical field of high-end "jam neck" products, improve the market share, and said that the company will continue to be committed to providing high-quality products and services for global customers. Finally, the chairman elaborated on the company's future development strategy and objectives, and stressed the importance of internationalization strategy for the future development of the company; Combined with the actual case of the company, the successful experience of the company is shared from the aspects of market expansion, technological innovation, talent introduction and so on.


In the theme presentation session, Wang Hao, director of the Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Province, and Xiao Rangjian, deputy director of the Party group member of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office, introduced the theme and agenda arrangement of the symposium, and stressed the importance and necessity of providing excellent services for enterprises. He pointed out that through this symposium, we hope to better understand the needs and concerns of enterprises, further optimize services, and provide better support and help for enterprises.



In the guest speech session, representatives of four enterprises, such as Xuyang aluminum pigments, Hua Hundsun Materials, Hengxin Life, and Huaxia High-tech, also expressed their views and suggestions. They had an in-depth discussion on the problems faced by enterprises in talent introduction, market expansion, technological innovation, overseas investment risks, international trade and other aspects, and shared their experiences and practices. The Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Province and the Hefei Foreign Affairs Office said they will provide relevant market research and policy consultation to help enterprises provide necessary resources and support. Wei Zhouxiang, a member of the Changfeng County Party Group, said that according to the feedback of the enterprise, the classification and summary report will be carried out, and the close cooperation between the enterprise and the government will be strengthened, and more accurate services and support will be provided to help the healthy and rapid development of the enterprise.



Through this forum, the Foreign Affairs Office of Anhui Province and Hefei Foreign Affairs Office have a more in-depth understanding of the needs and concerns of enterprises, which provides an important reference for the next step to optimize services. At the same time, the exchanges and cooperation between enterprises have also been strengthened, and the problems and solutions in the development have been discussed together, laying a solid foundation for future development.


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