The Belt and Road Initiative will expand markets and tap new international opportunities


In the middle and late October 2022, in the case of the epidemic situation is still very severe, the company's deputy general manager Wu Jianbo led the team, and the international department business leaders Zhang Tian and Wang Lu accompanied them to visit important customers in Europe and "Belt and Road" countries, in-depth layout of overseas markets, seize development opportunities, eliminate cooperation barriers with customers, and take the initiative to win new shares in the international market.


Manager Wang Lu made an early business visit to important customers in Germany and Spain from October 15 to 28, met with relevant company executives, and was invited to visit the factory. The two sides reviewed the past friendly cooperation and had in-depth discussions on possible strategic cooperation in the future.


Subsequently, Wu Jianbo and his party carried out technical and business exchanges with the owner customer Atelao Refinery in Kazakhstan, and was invited to visit the site of its user installation, and inspected the use of more than 20 sets of products such as high-speed pumps, oil slurry pumps and quench pumps. Our products are highly praised by customers. Later, the two sides signed a long-term strategic cooperation agreement, laying the foundation for Huasheng products to gain a firm foothold in Kazakhstan and Central Asian countries.



At present, dozens of products such as large bottom agitator, polypropylene polyethylene loop pump, hydrogenation boiling pump, BYD high-pressure feed pump, large bag pump and other products of Huasheng pump are promoted and applied in the petrochemical industry, effectively replacing imported products, and the industrialization effect is remarkable, which is highly recognized by the industry. At the same time, the company has also made major breakthroughs in quality control and intelligent manufacturing. Huasheng Pump Valve is confident to provide high-end chemical fluid conveying equipment solutions for international first-class enterprises.


Looking at the world, overseas business is an important business area for the company to develop internationally and nurture future growth. Among them, Russia's market capacity ranks in the forefront, there are large market opportunities. With the withdrawal of European and American brands, Chinese brands ushered in an opportunity, the company's senior management took a long-term view, prepared for the future, and set up an office in Russia in early 2022, which greatly improved the efficiency of entering the local and European markets, and was very forward-looking.


Focus on the fulcrum along the "One Belt and One Road" and work together with overseas customers for win-win cooperation. Relying on the high quality, high level and high speed to promote the development of cooperation projects overseas, the International department has achieved rapid results, has achieved the signing of contracts with Russian customers, and the company's strategic goals in overseas markets continue to break through.


Intensive cultivation, take the bridge of service, let customers "come in"; Solid promotion, build the road of quality, and "send out" high-quality products and services, Huasheng Pump Valve will use a global international vision to create a beautiful Huasheng business card on the international stage.

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