Huasheng Pump Valve won the recognition of top 30 advanced manufacturing enterprises, top 50 private enterprises, top 20 high-tech enterprises, and Top 10 specialized and special new enterprises


At 9:00 am on February 11, 2023, the Changfeng County Party Committee and the county government held a grand meeting to deepen the "One change two" and "Fight the economy and storm billions". The meeting was held in the form of a teleconference, and the main venue was located in the county's three Hall conference Center. The meeting was presided over by Li Xiaohong, deputy secretary of the county Party Committee and county governor, and Shi Lei, Standing deputy county governor, Standing Committee of the County Party Committee, Minister of Organization, and Minister of United Front Zhang Wei respectively read the commendation notice. Hefei Huasheng Pump Valve Co., Ltd. won the four honors of "Top 30 Advanced Manufacturing Enterprises in 2022, Top 50 private enterprises in 2022, Top 20 high-tech enterprises in 2022, and Top 10 specialized and special new enterprises", and accepted the award of the county Party Committee and county government leaders at the main venue of the conference.



Boost confidence, speed up development, economic take-off, and make Changfeng a better future. The meeting also conveyed the spirit of the province and the city to continue to deepen the "One change and two actions" conference to comprehensively improve work efficiency, informed the county's economic operation in 2022, and the progress of the agreed matters at the expanded meeting of the Standing Committee of the County Party Committee in 2022. Li Mingshan, secretary of the County Party Committee, made an important speech and made important instructions on the development goals and implementation of the county's "fight economy and storm billions". Li Mingshan secretary stressed that a good style of work is the people, the people are motivated, and the development is prosperous. It is necessary to strengthen the dedication of "seeking truth and grasping reality", to avoid "layout without implementation", to strengthen the responsibility of "starting and ending", to avoid "supervision without results", to strengthen the dedication of "having a promising", to strengthen the initiative of "good planning", to avoid "ideas without means", to "always on the road" consciousness, perseverance and strong style.


Manufacturing strong county, science and technology strong county, agriculture strong county, the spring of the rabbit is abundant, happy to see all industries. Innovation leads development and builds Huasheng brand. Huasheng pump valve will continue to make breakthroughs in technological innovation and continue to climb the peak of the development road, full of confidence and forge ahead.


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