Huasheng's new building shines brightly and has a solid foundation - Huasheng pump valve high-tech factory glory capped


On the morning of May 24, Hefei Huasheng Pump Valve Co., LTD., built by Zhejiang New Dongyang Construction Group, "Heavy duty pump and hydraulic turbine energy-saving products innovative industrial cluster project" high-tech workshop capping ceremony was held. Mr. He Yujie, general manager of the company, attended the capping ceremony with some leaders and employee representatives.


Mr. He delivered a speech. First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to the project team of Zhejiang New Dongyang, the project contractor, for their meticulous organization and careful construction, safe and efficient implementation of each construction node, and the smooth completion of the overall structure in advance with quality and quantity. At the same time, I would like to thank the project design unit, supervision unit and other relevant units for their accurate and responsible cooperation. Mr. He proposed that the construction of the high-tech plant of Huasheng pump valve has a cornerstone significance on the road of innovation and development of the company, marking the development of Huasheng to a new height and open a new vision. Finally, Mr. He said that the contractor in the follow-up project construction can continue to work hard, sprint the new track with a safe, fine and practical pace, and ultimately achieve the goal of creating high-quality projects.



At 9:18, the leaders of the company and the leaders of the construction units climbed the top of the building to pour the last side of the concrete, Hefei Huasheng Pump Valve Co., Ltd. high-tech plant capping ceremony successfully concluded.



Heavy-duty pump and hydraulic turbine energy-saving products innovative industrial cluster project "high-tech plant is located in Shuangfeng Economic Development Zone Huainan Road Runhe Road intersection, is Huasheng pump valve Huasheng deep research and development and manufacturing of high-end fluid equipment, to create a first-class intelligent equipment industry and safety energy-saving technology innovation ability of the key project. After the completion of the project, it will not only enhance the company's research and development and testing capabilities, effectively promote the industrialization of intelligent manufacturing and the quality upgrade of operation and maintenance services, but also build a more competitive platform for the company to strive to become an industry leader.


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